The American Healing Arts Foundation
began with our beloved soldiers in mind.

As a small family business owner of two companies during these difficult economic times, Thunderbird Artists and the Arizona Fine Art EXPO, I find that my hours of working have increased tremendously. I have a huge commitment to many artists that rely on me for their income opportunities and unfortunately, I cannot stop to take time and smell the roses until there is more economic recovery in sight. As a mother I continually feel guilty for not spending enough time with my family and as a U.S. citizen,  I feel the guilt of not having time to volunteer my services for our veterans.  When I see a veteran, I always make a special point to thank them for my freedom, but this is just not enough.  I began thinking about what I could do with my limited free hours to support our veterans. That’s when I thought I could show my appreciation by providing art classes for our veterans during the Arizona Fine Art EXPO 10 week fine art event. 

I am confident that we can help by offering free art classes and workshops to help veterans that have faced combat stress, life threatening traumas or just devoted years of their lives to serving our country.  Art classes are proven to be good therapy for the mind, body and soul.

The men and woman serving our country have a great need to release their painful war memories, even if it’s only a temporary escape.  Our goal is that, by the end of 10 weeks, their temporary escape will turn into self satisfaction, inspiration and move their mind outside the box – the one that holds those ugly war memories and will lead them to a more peaceful and healing place.

'The Old Breed' Artist Dave Venell

The American Healing Arts Foundation is my way of giving back to those who have sacrificed for our country. They have given me freedom to own my own business as a woman, voice my opinions and the liberty to vote.  So, this is my way of saying “thank you veterans”.  The articles of incorporation was written so that we can eventually include others; such as first responders (firemen, policemen, etc.) who offer remarkable service for our country and communities.

I am not comfortable asking for help, assistance or funding; however, I find that a charity survives with donations, especially in the beginning.  We need many volunteers.  I am searching for art instructors who can teach oil or acrylic painting classes and assistants for each class.  We would need to have a second assistant for each class qualified with some medical background as they would be aiding the veterans.  We are estimating 25-30 veterans maximum per class.  We will need drivers to pick up veterans from the hospital, their homes or wherever they reside.  Sadly, a big percentage of our veterans are among the homeless that may need rides. 

I am asking for small donations of $5 to $10 dollars or more if an individual feels it is not a hardship for them.  Our Arizona Fine Art EXPO opened January 14th and veteran classes begin January 27th and 28th.  

The American Healing Arts Foundation (AHAF), a new Arizona nonprofit organization, in collaboration with the Amigos Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization will respond with a receipt for tax purposes. My next project is asking for donations of art supplies.  If you can donate some time in contacting art supply owners, (especially those of you with contacts) this would be very much appreciated.  We will need blankets on those cold mornings, since the tents are not heated - or better yet, a heater that blows from outside to the inside of the tent (fire regulations).  Volunteers are needed for telephoning, errands, computer working, etc. This is new to me and I know that I am not considering a number of things that will be in need, but this is at least a good starting point. Please feel free to pass along our link to your family, friends, art patrons and most importantly our veterans.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Judi Combs, Founder

  Judi Combs
 American Healing Arts Foundation




A Special Thanks to the Following:

Arizona Fine Art EXPO
AHAF Board Members
Judy Long
Dennis Long
Flo Blanding
Colleen Apodaca

Sara Vannucci, Amigos Foundation
David Fraley, Amigos Foundation
Elena Thornton, AZ Coalition for the Arts
Terry Araman, Madison Street Veterans Coalition
Raymond Langlais, Veteran
Dr. Gerald Rosenthal, Author
Hal Stewart
Donna Levine
Beth Zink
Roger D. Combs, My husband
Kim Bulot & Denise Dodson, Daughters
All the great Volunteers

Especially all the Veterans that have given us our great freedom